Beet Juice, Vasodilation, and Prarie Fertilizer

I’ve been reading a lot lately on what is going on biologically when we exercise. This was triggered after choking down some beet juice prior to a ride and then subsequently crushing a couple of climbs that normally left me crying. Maybe it was psychological, maybe not (I don’t care either way) but I figured … Continue reading Beet Juice, Vasodilation, and Prarie Fertilizer

Training for the New Year

It’s time once again to start thinking about our conquests for the new year. While I’ve marked quite a few events on my calendar for 2013, the 300 lb Gorilla on my horizon once again is the Dirty Kanza 200. I rode my 100 miles of the 2012 race on 8 weeks of prep. This year … Continue reading Training for the New Year