Beet Juice, Vasodilation, and Prarie Fertilizer

I’ve been reading a lot lately on what is going on biologically when we exercise. This was triggered after choking down some beet juice prior to a ride and then subsequently crushing a couple of climbs that normally left me crying. Maybe it was psychological, maybe not (I don’t care either way) but I figured … Continue reading Beet Juice, Vasodilation, and Prarie Fertilizer

A Mokane Gravelpalooza Metric

The weather gods smiled upon us here in Mid-MO and provided a break in the arctic temps for a perfect weekend. Not wanting to anger them, I met up with Bob, Luke, and Travis of Team Virtus in the bustling metropolis of Mokane Saturday morning for a back roads metric. We were rewarded with perfect … Continue reading A Mokane Gravelpalooza Metric