Training Stuff

Disclaimer: I don’t win races. I train to survive them and improve a little where I can. However, I do believe that the info below is the best way to prepare for such events and has worked well for me.

I’ve read and listened to a wide scope of material over the last few years regarding training, and I’ve boiled it down to 3 books. I’ll be going into more depth with how I’ve incorporated this info into my training and how it has helped me, but for now, just read these 3 in order.


This is the overview. It gives an intro to the things below, covers diet, and tells you why it all works. It’s available on audible so you can just listen to it, but I’d suggest playing it at about 3/4 speed so you can soak it all in. There is a pretty good podcast to go with this.



This is your bike training. The book is geared toward running, but the exact same training principles apply. It’s easy to read and has a few good stories to help it flow. This one is also in audio format.



Same author, same principles. This one reads more like a text book and looks cooler on a book shelf, if that is what you prefer.



All about lifting heavy things. Between this book and his YouTube videos, you shouldn’t have any questions for a couple years of strength training. Mark also has a podcast and routinely makes fun of every other strength program.

They  have an app to go along with this that you can track your reps and get good overviews of each movement. I prefer to use the Stronglifts 5×5 app and adjust it to fit.